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Who We Are

Belinda Stephens shares a hug with a friend

Think Ability Inc. is a non-profit organization Think Ability Inc. is a multi-service organization that provides residential services, and independent living supports services for people with intellectual, cognitive, and other related developmental disabilities. Our administrative office is located in Duncan, OK, and our service delivery area includes the communities throughout Southern Oklahoma.

Founded in 1982, the organization possesses a long-standing, demonstrated history of providing progressive, person-centered services and supports for people with disabilities with a passion for what's possible. Think Ability Inc. believes in self-advocacy.Think Ability Inc. empowers advocates to take steps in making self-made decisions in their everyday life. Giving advocates these self-choice opportunities allows them to have an equal life experience. Think Ability Inc. individualizes personal life plans for each individual to achieve planning for goals that are important to that individual.

Belinda Stephens poses with the crew in matching green shirts, standing in front of a green farm truck